Content Options To Consider By Role

Reading Academies Preregistration Digital Playbook: Content Options To Consider By Role

  • During the preregistration process, you will be asked to share how you plan to implement Reading Academies in your district and to list the number of teachers you plan to enroll in each content track. Currently, there are three content tracks from which to choose:

    1. English Language Arts: Designed for teachers who provide instruction in English; special emphasis in English Language acquisition is woven throughout this material.

    2. Spanish Language Arts: Designed for teachers who provide instruction in Spanish.

    Content is facilitated in English but provides specific information related to Spanish literacy acquisition. In addition, videos and student work samples will be provided in Spanish.

    3. Administrator: Designed for participants in leadership roles.

    This content track follows the same scope and sequence of the previous tracks but provides the framing for the content from a site decision-making perspective. Administrators will also complete artifacts that are specific to their roles.

    Due to the focused nature of the content, this track is only available through the Authorized Provider (ESC Region 16): Blended option. Please reach out to ESC Region 16 to enroll your Administrators.

Questions to consider in determining which content track to place participants in:

  • Teacher

  • Instructional Coach

  • Administrators

Preregistration Digital Playbook