• Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL)

    Texas Instructional Leadership LogoTexas Instructional Leadership (TIL), a coaching program within Next-Level Leadership, provides principal managers and campus leadership teams with research-based practices used to increase student achievement.

    TIL coaches support cohort teams throughout the year with professional learning, implementation support, and one-on-one coaching for their selected suite.

    Suites Offered

    TIL offers a variety of suites dedicated to fostering continuous improvement through training and support.

    1. Data-Driven Instruction - Learn to support teachers in making and executing reteach plans to quickly and effectively close learning gaps.

    2. Schoolwide Culture Routines - Learn to create monitoring systems to ensure a consistent and supportive learning environment for all.

    3. Observation and Feedback - Learn to establish strong systems and routines for regular support of teachers through short-cycle observation and feedback.

    4. Lesson Alignment and Formative Assessment - Learn to utilize steps to unpack standards to create rigorous, manageable, and data-driven daily lesson objectives.

    Cadence Experience and Training

    Districts can engage in an overview of their identified TIL level. Campus teams and principal managers engage in two-three days of initial training.

    Throughout the year, the campus teams and/or principal managers are supported by their ESC coach with seven monthly implementation support visits and seven monthly coaching visits.

    Participants build upon their learning by engaging in two training labs, one in the fall and one in the spring. The TIL experience closes out with an executive summary to review progress made.

    See a sample cadence experience for Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) below.

    Sample Cadence Experience for TIL graphic
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    For more information about our TIL program, contact Dr. Keana Daughtry, Administrator Coach/TIL Lead, at kdaughtry@esc11.net or 817-740-7653 or download the Summer 2024 Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) flyer.