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  •   Dyslexia Training

    Click HERE to review the "Draft" of the Dyslexia Handbook 2108 Update.

    Click HERE for the Online Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy - Modules 1 & 2


    Click HERE for the Online Dyslexia Handbook, Revised for 2014 Training


    Click HERE for the Evaluating Dyslexia and Related Disorders through the Special Education Process- Face to Face Training-February 13, 2019


    Click HERE for the Students with Dyslexia and Related Disorders: State Law and Policy Update Recording


    Click HERE for the District Dyslexia Plan Template 

    In the area of dyslexia, Education Service Center Region 11 provides the following:
    • staff development and technical assistance on the characteristics of students with dyslexia, methods of identification, and specialized instruction to be used in working with these students;
    • training for dyslexia teachers and evaluation personnel involved in the assessment and identification of dyslexia; and
    • assistance to districts, charters, and parents in interpreting state guidelines related to The Dyslexia Handbook—Revised 2014.

      Frequently Asked Questions

    What is dyslexia? 
    What causes dyslexia?
    What are the effects of dyslexia?
    The International Dyslexia Association can provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. Visit that website here. 
    For additional help, call the Dyslexia Hotline at 1 (800) 232-3030.

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    Maria Embrey

    Maria Embrey

    Educational Consultant
    Section 504/Dyslexia