• Dysgraphia

    Dysgraphia is best defined as a neurodevelopmental disorder manifested by illegible and/or inefficient handwriting due to difficulty with letter formation. This difficulty is the result of deficits in graphomotor function (hand movements used for writing) and/or storing and retrieving orthographic codes (letter forms) (Berninger, 2015).

    Secondary consequences may include problems with spelling and written expression.

    Consultation and technical assistance is available to facilitate districts in setting up dysgraphia processes. 


    For more information, contact... 
    Lori Melton  
    Lori Melton, M.Ed.
    Licensed Dyslexia Therapist
    Certified Academic Language Therapist
    Educational Diagnostician
    (817) 740-7650
    State Dyslexia Helpline
    (800) 232-3030