State Performance Plan Technical Assistance

  • This page is dedicated to current information, instructions, and guidance related to State Performance Plan Indicators 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

    • Information regarding each indicator can be accessed by selecting a menu item on the left.

    • As submissions windows are different for indicators requiring data input, please click this link Data Source and Collection Schedule  (PDF 26KB) to verify due dates. 

    • Remember: SPP submissions may be required even if you have no students to report.




    Technical Assistance:

    All Districts and Charter Schools, contact any team member for technical assistance regarding the indicators.



    Join our new ESC Region 11 special education podcast series.

    For our first episode, Pam Humphrey and Lynn Sullivan discuss State Performance Plan indicators 7 and 12 through the lens of results driven accountability. 


    Want a quick overview of SPP 12, 7, and 6? Here's the presentation with notes from April 2019. 

    SPP 12, 7, 6 overview


     Needing help with TEAL/TEASE?   

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