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     "You can have data without information, but
                           you cannot have information without data."
      -Daniel Keys Moran


    DMAC Solutions offers a suite of web-based tools developed at the Region 7 Education Service Center. The applications provided by DMAC exist to supply Texas educators with the tools and services necessary to develop and improve the quality of education provided to students.


    The Premium Suite includes Aware, Forethought, Strive, Helpdesk, Formspace and Facilities & Events. These programs are all designed to provide access to data, tools to better understand the data, and/or tools to more effectively utilize data in the planning and delivery of instructions. 


    TEKSbank it a STAAR-aligned online item bank, test creation, and assessment system. All 40,000+ items have been content proofed to align with the cognitive and procedural rigor of the TEKS and STAAR. TEKSbank includes items for grades 3-11. 

         Certica Navigate

    To help K-12 educators assess students’ understanding of concepts and track standards mastery, Certica provides the Navigate Item Bank™ designed to guide instruction. Navigate items have been written and/or aligned to Texas-specific Learning Standards, including Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies and Economics and the standards assessed on the Texas STAAR assessments.
             TX Bank One

    TX Bank One™ Texas STAAR-Aligned Item Bank is a high quality resource that can be used to develop rigorous STAAR-aligned benchmark tests, which are an integral component of a comprehensive curriculum process.


    StudentGPS Dashboards are a collection of reports and metrics that provide educators with access to historical, timely, and predictive information on all students to help improve education outcomes for all Texas students.


    In 2013 PEIMS Data Plus was renamed “OnDataSuite”. The renaming and rebranding was necessary to reflect on the expanding data reporting capabilities of PEIMS Data Plus. OnDataSuite offered LEA’s in Texas access to more data than ever before. OnDataSuite contains a suite of products allowing users more refined choices of data options.