• School Board Training

    ESC Region 11 offers a standard menu of school board training as well as customized training opportunities designed to meet the needs of individual school districts. Training is facilitated by presenters with years of practical successful experience working with school board members and superintendents. For more information, please contact Kathy Ferrell.

Training Packages

  • Training packages include the following:

    ISD Board Training Requirements Side-by-Side 

    • Level I Training:
      • Texas Education Code (TEC) Orientation for new school board members (also available Online, in Canvas)
      • Texas Education Code (TEC) Update for experienced school board members (also available Online, in Canvas)
    • Level II “Team of Eight” Training:
      • Roles and Responsibilities of the School Board and Superintendent (Structure)
      • Accountability systems that affect the Team of 8
      • Goal Setting (Accountability)
      • Healthy Organizations (Team building/ Unity)
      • Building a Successful Team 
      • Starting With Why (Vision)
      • Team Self-Assessment
      • Customized training for individual districts
    • Level III Training:
      • The financial integrity rating system of Texas (FIRST)
      • Board member ethics
      • Instructional accountability systems
      • Customized training for individual districts
    • Level IV Training:
      • Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes (EISO) - HB-3[86th]/SB-1566[85th] - may count as Team of 8

    Charter Board Training Requirements Side-by-Side

    • Charter School Board Training:
      • School Law
      • School Finance
      • Health and Safety
      • Accountability for Public Funds
      • Accountability to the Public
      • Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act
      • Customized training for individual districts

Open Government Training

  • The Texas Government Code requires elected and appointed public officials to receive training in Texas open government laws. The Office of the Attorney General provides free video training courses to assist public officials in complying with this requirement.  These videos are available at no cost and may be used as part of any training course on open government.

    These links redirect to the Office of the Attorney General's website:

    Open Meetings Act Training 

    • The Texas OMA training is required within the first ninety days of office, for all School Board Members.

    Public Information Act Training

    • The Texas PIA training is required within the first ninety days of office. Please refer to your School Board Policy BBD (Local), to determine requirements.

    Course Completion Certificate 

    • Upon completion of the training course, a board member may obtain a course completion certificate by following the directions in the video.  The certificate must be maintained by the board member's governmental body and made available for public inspection upon request.                                  

    Note: these certificates are not archived on the OAG's website.  

    Lone Star Governance

    • For more information about LSG, please email Kathy Ferrell or call 817-740-3681.

    House Bill 3 (86th[R]) - Board and District Goal Setting

    This HB 3 in 30 video explains the Board and District Goal Setting, and Progress Monitoring requirements, from the 86th Texas Legislature.

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