Private Non-Profit School Services

  • Title I

    The purpose of the Title I program is to provide additional academic assistance for students who are failing or in danger of failing to meet academic standards. School districts set aside funds for the Title I program based on the numbers of low-income students who live in their Title I attendance areas and attend participating private schools. A private school may have funds from several districts, as funding is based on where students live. Students are selected for services using multiple educational criteria. In order to be served, a student must meet the academic criteria as well as live in a participating Title I district attendance area.

     Title II

    The purpose of the Title II program is to provide professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators of private schools in order to improve the quality of the instructional program. Funding is based on the number of students in the school and is set aside for each participating private school by the district in which it is located.

    Title III

    The purpose of the Title III program is to provide assistance for private schools to ensure that ESL students attain English proficiency. Students are given a language test in order to determine eligibility. Funding is set aside by the district in which the private school is located based upon the number of eligible students. 

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