• Great things are happening at your Region 11 ESC, and we are here to support your library program.

    Welcome to ESC 11 Library Services, my library "tribe"! I am looking forward to meeting you and truly hope you will make it to  some of our events and the upcoming PLNs we are hoping to create soon in your area so we can make each other's acquaintance. Seek me out at TCEA, TLA, TASLA, SXSWedu, and ISTE because I will be there gathering as much info as I can. I want you to use me as a resource and know I am the librarian's librarian, I will do research for you to make sure you have the resources you need to look into for your program.

    Follow us on Twitter @lib2tell, join the lib2tell group on FB and like the page, follow the Smore, and be sure to check out the upcoming events here as well.




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    Contacts - Library Services

    Karen Smith - Library Services

    Karen Smith

    (817) 740-7540