Library Services Contract Option

  • The ESC Region 11 Library Contract provides the services of a certified school librarian to assist the school district in meeting the goals stated in the School Library Programs: Standards and Guidelines for Texas.

    The cooperative focuses on:

    • Providing effective school library program leadership and management by planning, organizing, and implementing an effective library program
    • Improving student performance by working collaboratively with teachers to implement TEKS objectives, meeting the independent and diverse needs of all learners, and providing ongoing instruction for staff and students in the integration of information technology and information literacy;
    • Facilitating the access, use, and integration of technology and digital resources to enrich the curriculum and enhance learning;
    • Maximizing the use of the library facility by ensuring space for manipulation, production, and communication of information by all members of the learning community 
    • Developing a school library program that responds to unique community characteristics, connects school faculty, staff, and students to community resources and services as needed and connects community members to school resources
    • Providing technical services related to the library automation system and library management;
    • Measuring the effectiveness of the library program using district policies and goals as well as School Library Programs: Standards and Guidelines for Texas, the Texas Education Agency's Long-Range Plan for Technology, and other important documents to ensure that the library program is aligned with recognized initiatives;
    • Identifying needs using assessment and evaluation tools, developing a strategic plan, and recommending activities that promote an exemplary library program.


    Districts that want to contract through this Cooperative for the services of a certified librarian to supervise and support their library program, contact Beth Muirheid at or 817-740-3674.