Save your district money and go green!  Save on substitute teachers, travel time, fuel, airfare, hotel cost, and other expenses, not to
    mention saving productivity and instructional time by utilizing RETN services.

    The Region Eleven Telecommunications Network (RETN), established by ESC Region 11 in 1998, offers videoconferencing services to districts and private and charter schools in the region. RETN provides access to a vast infrastructure of K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and cultural entities all over the world without leaving your school.

    NOTE: RETN services are included in the Instructional Solutions and Support contract.

    Services Additional Information Examples
    Texas Education Agency (TEA) updates via Texas Education Telecommunications Network (TETN) Access to exclusive meetings & legislative updates from TEA and to the recordings if available STAAR Accommodations Updates Bilingual/ESL/Migrant/Title III Updates
    Content enhancement programs and virtual field trips for K-12 students Educational programs from various organization and/or field experts delivered via video conferencing technology Connect2Texas (museums, zoos, etc.)
    Read Across the Planet
    Career Awareness
    Dual credit courses Access to colleges who choose to partner with ESC 11 to offer dual credit courses. AP Biology, US History, Government, English Comp 1 & 2
    High school courses Share teachers within a district or an opportunity to share teachers with other districts to save money and resources or access courses from outside Region 11 through other Education Service Centers Foreign languages (Spanish)
    American sign language
    PRO Zoom accounts Zoom is a desktop video conferencing solution available on PC, Mac, tablets, or other mobile devices that has no time limit, includes break out rooms, live chat, polling, recording and can have up to 100 attendees per event. Member districts will receive a set number of PRO Zoom accounts based on student enrollment and can purchase additional accounts for a minimal fee. Legislative updates from TEA via TETN District/campus updates or meetings
    Principal meetings
    Teacher collaborations
    Connect2Texas programs/virtual field trips Parent meetings Interviews
    Ensemble video capture, management, and delivery The Ensemble video portal enables users to deliver private and public media content. Features include the ability to upload an array of video/audio formats, LMS & CMS integrations, lecture/classroom capture, streaming, security, closed captioning, responsive embed codes, analytics, and reporting. School board meetings
    Superintendent/Principal updates
    Video instruction across district/campus Student/parent access to education materials
    Collaborative learning projects
    Technical assistance RETN help desk is available Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM & Friday 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Phone and Email Support

    RETN help desk