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    The Ensemble video portal enables users to deliver private and public media content. Features include the ability to upload an array of video/audio formats, LMS & CMS integrations, lecture/classroom capture, streaming, security, closed captioning, responsive embed codes, analytics, and reporting.

    • Capture - Ensemble Video offers Mobile Capture, Screen Capture, Lecture Capture, and Live Streaming Capture options, making video capture easy and flexible.
    • Manage - Ensemble Video's simple interface provides all the tools you need to organize, catalog, search, analyze, and secure your content from a central repository.
    • Play - Ensemble Video delivers video to a variety of devices and networks.
    • Media Workflow - Ensemble Video offers automated end-to-end video workflows to support diverse video capture, video conversion, and video publishing applications.

    The Ensemble video portal is a service included in the Instructional Solutions and Support contract.  ISS member districts can have their own custom organization including multiple campuses under the ESC 11 institution umbrella.

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