• TXLS Problem-Solving PLCs 

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    What are Texas Lesson Study Curriculum-Based (and problem-solving) PLCs?

    Proven Process
    Lesson study is a proven process in which teachers drive improvements to teaching and learning through collaborative action research. Mindsets shift from traditional planning mode to internalization mode.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    Internalization of Instructional Materials                                                                                                                                                                            During TXLS PLCs, teachers engage in curriculum and materials internalization. This includes unit or module internalization, where teachers unpack and analyze end-of-unit assessments, the big goals and take-aways of the unit, and review the scope and sequencing to pace the unit accordingly, to plan with the end in mind. Teachers also internalize specific units, create know/show charts of TEKS, analyze student work, test out supports and strategies to support all learners, engage in lesson rehearsal, and reflect on the effectiveness of internalization.                                                                                                                                                                        Continuous Improvement
    In Lesson Study, teachers engage in cycles of continuous improvement during PLC time. Together, groups of teachers examine a problem of practice, plan instructional solutions, teach, observe, reflect, and share the results of their work.

    Deep Understanding
    Lesson Study PLCs provide a system that allows teachers to work together to internalize, plan, practice, and reflect. This practice allows teachers to develop a deep and lasting knowledge of content and pedagogy. Teachers internalize existing units and lessons through an intentional process that allows them to make more informed decisions and evaluate the effectiveness of teaching.

TXLS - ESC Region 11

Lesson Study Cycle

  • Texas Lesson Study Framework

    Lesson Study is a framework for collaborative instructional research and lesson design that can be implemented by any campus. The construct of the Lesson Study groups can vary based on the campus size and needs. The purpose of Lesson Study is to help teachers improve their effectiveness, share best practices with other teachers, improve student outcomes, and provide a platform to demonstrate mastery within the teaching profession.