• Purpose and Information

    Providing safe and secure campuses are a paramount priority for districts. The purpose of the School Safety Team at the Education Service Center Region 11 is to provide districts and schools with relevant trainings, technical assistance, and resources to improve all aspects of district and campus security.

School Health and Safety


    Human Trafficking

    Texas Mandated Reporting
    Under Texas law:
    • All individuals are required to report suspected abuse or neglect.
    • Certain professionals, including teachers and nurses, are required to report suspected abuse or neglect within 48 hours.
    • Your report cannot be delegated to a superior, administrator, or other individual.
    Reports must be made to:
    Law enforcement, or Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS)
    The new human trafficking web page is on the TEA website.  A training Power Point for districts and charter use is on this web page.
    Additional external resources:
    Human Trafficking Power and Control (developed by PolarisWheel)
    More information about the School Safety Tracker App:
    The School Safety Tracker Plus App is a new resource provided to districts and campuses that offers a new way to track safety at the campus level.  The features include:
    • School Safety Audit Tool - Allows personalized access for staff members to assist with safety audits of district facilities and meets the requirements of Texas Education Code 37.108.
    • Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) - Allows districts and campuses to upload EOPs and have them readily available for use.
    • Tracking of Emergency Drills - Immediate and accessible method for tracking recommended school safety drills including lockdown, building evacuation (fire), reverse evacuation, shelter in place and severe weather.
    • Incident Reporting & Tracking System - Allows students, staff and parents to anonymously report bullying/safety incidents from their smart phones or the web to school administration. This includes 4 ways to report - upload a video, send a photo, send a test, or an email.


    Please contact us for more information about how we may assist your campus or district.
    Rory Peacock 817-740-3632.