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Superintendent Certification Program

  • GoLead11 (Superintendent) Program is a one-year preparation program for superintendent certification. Highly qualified candidates who are recommended by superintendents are sought for the program. Candidates will acquire knowledge and skills in a problem-based learning approach. Candidates come from ESC Region 11 districts and, when space is available, other Texas school districts.
    Training includes seminars delivered by practitioners in the field, field-based experiences, and monthly support through a mentor superintendent. Training is directed toward successful passage of the TExES test.  
                                                                       GoLead11 (Superintendent) Program Goals
    • To assist school districts with formalized succession planning that results in development of quality educational leaders for the future.
    • To attract capable leaders to the superintendent position.
    • To provide an alternative preparation and certification process.
    • To provide tomorrow's school district leaders with practical knowledge and relevant problem-based preparation.
    For more information about GoLead11 (Superintendent) Program, please contact us:
    (817) 740-7534
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