Mastery Item Bank

  • Certica-Navigate is now Mastery Item Bank by Instructure! Educators use expertly-developed, tightly-aligned items from the Mastery Item Bank to create formative assessments that provide educators with what students know and where to take instruction next. Mastery Item Bank enables teachers to create assessments with rigorous, standards-based items and get immediate feedback.  

    Create assessments that lead to meaningful insights.


    Get immediate feedback about your student's learning! Adjust your instruction in the moment when it can have the greatest impact on learning.

    Discover ample Items for your Formative Process designed to check for student understanding. Utilize more precise learning standards alignment. Support the needs of English learners with 22K+ Spanish-translated items. Modify mastery items to meet your classroom needs. Create formative assessments and incorporate Mastery Tracker to assess student performance. 

    Empower students to own their learning.



    Instant feedback is the perfect conversation starter to help students understand where they are in their learning and, ultimately, assume responsibility for it. Formative assessment provides teachers with a way to connect with students, engage them in the feedback loop, and set academic goals together.

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