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  • eduphoria! Premium Suite

    The Premium Suite includes at no extra cost: Aware, Forethought, Strive, Helpdesk, Formspace, and Facilities & Events. 


    Student assessment is complex, and the logistics of creating and administering assessments are challenging. Aware is an enhanced system for simplifying test construction, administering assessments, and analyzing student progressTo make proper instructionadecisionseducators need a powerful, dynamic analysis engine that empowers teachers and district personnealike. Educators need a toothat can also analyze multiple indicators of student success, enabling teachers to illuminate a student's experience in the classroom. 


    Develop intricate and complete curricula, activities, and instructional components through our powerful planning tool. The intuitive, yet powerful, curriculum, and activity editor makes the process of creating and updating your resources fast and easy. Create lessons with a fully-featured, teacher­-friendly planner that directly integrates with district resources and state standards.

    Our professional development management and collaboration platform goes beyond registration, reporting, and logistics to focus on the end goal, educator growth. Thrive not only facilitates all of your logistical needs but intuitively integrates staff evaluation, goal setting, and PLC collaboration to create a true professional growth system. Thrive puts the right pieces together for the right purpose, helping every educator grow.
  • Helpdesk

    Integrated into the suite, Helpdesk provides an approachable interface for all district staff. By creating a single access point for multiple departments, staff can report the various problems they encounter in one place. Combined with independently customized options and dynamic reporting for each department, Helpdesk is a powerful tool for any K-12 technology, maintenance, or instructional department.


     Facilities & Events

    A consolidated tool to manage both school inventory and facilities, and create dynamic usage reports. Districts gain valuable insight into resource allocation, while teachers can reserve and utilize rooms and school materials with ease.


    Automate district and public forms and surveys with advanced workflows to route information to the right personnel. The powerful custom form builder allows district and campus staff to generate the right form to meet each need. Intuitive reporting or spreadsheet exports allow for all form results to be analyzed or exported.

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