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  • Thanks for visiting the Education Service Center Region 11 Social Media page. We encourage comments about topics that we post. This site and all social media accounts are maintained and moderated by the ESC Region 11 Communications Department. Our social media accounts provide information and photos about the service center, workshops, and programs and feature the successes of our school districts and charter schools. Posts about school and charter activities, programs, and successes are provided by those organizations and reposted on our page. The ESC Region 11 social media content is updated frequently, and the page is used to relay important announcements.

    Posted comments must comply with the following regulations:

    • Comments shall be limited to the topic of a specific posting made by the site administrator. If you have an unrelated question or comment, please send those to
    • Comments are not allowed if they include profanity, threatening words, vulgar language, or inappropriate language or content.
    • Comments are not allowed if they include specific allegations, a personal attack, or accusations about an employee, student, parent, employee, school district or charter school, community member, or the Education Service Center. Submit specific complaints regarding the ESC to Executive Director Dr. Clyde W. Steelman Jr.,, or by mail at 1451 S. Cherry Lane, White Settlement, TX 76108.
    • Comments are not allowed if they include offensive language that targets specific groups of people, such as ethnic, religious, or racial groups.
    • Comments are not allowed if they include spam or advertisements.
    • Comments with links to other sites will be screened by the site administrator and allowed at the site administrator's discretion.
    • Photographs posted will be screened by the site administrator and removed if deemed inappropriate.
    • Reporters and other persons seeking responses to questions or requests are asked to send questions to the Public Information Officer at
    • Comments promoting or attacking electoral campaigns or candidates are not allowed, nor are comments attacking elected officials.
    • Participants are responsible for what they post. Comments must not breach any law, confidentiality, or copyright.
    • Anyone posting comments contrary to this Terms of Use policy will have their comment removed. Posts/comments deemed inappropriate according to this Terms of Use Policy, the person posting them will be blocked from making any future posts on the page.
    • Education Service Center Region 11 reserves the right to update these Terms of Use at any time without advance notice.