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  • My office has been educating troopers and other law enforcement agencies of what each school bus driver must have in order to be eligible to drive a school bus. If a driver is pulled over for whatever reason, the officer will be asking them for proof of certification. If the driver is not able to present either a valid Enrollment, Certification or Recertification card, they could be ticketed for not having proof they are certified. Please be sure you are reminding the districts in your area that their drivers must carry the card at all times and cannot drive until they have that card in their possession.

    If a tranportation director has not received bus cards from the ESC in a timely manner (two-three weeks maximum in the summer), they need to  follow up with the ESC.

    Transportation directors, when a driver signs up for a Recertification class, you must verify that the driver is eligible to take the recertification class. DPS recently had a driver take a recertification class and the driver was issued the recert card. The driver had been expired for almost 2 years.

    As always, thank ya’ll for everything you do! Please don’t hesitate to email or call me if you ever have any questions.


    Thanks again,


    Christie Hebert

    Texas Department of Public Safety

    Texas Highway Patrol Division

    School Bus Transportation Program

    (512) 424-7396DPS

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Transportation/Bus Driver Services

  • Policy Changes Effective January 1, 2018

    Attention districts/contractors scheduling a 20-hour Texas School Bus Driver Certification or an 8-hour Texas School Bus Driver Recertification course:

    Over the last 17 months, the ESC Region 11 Transportation Department has received hundreds of “password request” calls and emails from district personnel attempting to register for upcoming classes. To help drivers and transportation directors register participants more easily and efficiently, ESC Region 11 is issuing a new policy regarding the use of passwords assigned to bus driver training sessions.

    Beginning January 1, 2018, districts or contractors that schedule a training session and request that we add a password to the class will have ten (10) business days from the time the class is posted on the ESC Region 11 website ( to enroll drivers. After 10 working days, the transportation director will be notified and the password will be removed, allowing drivers from other districts to register.

    Note:  This policy does not apply to a district/contractor that requests a closed, password-protected class, where the district guarantees that all 30 seats will be filled by the host district.

    Policy and Fee Changes Effective September 1, 2018

    I hope you are having an exciting school year! Please review the information below and make a note of the following changes to policy and fees regarding transportation certification classes.

    District “Holds” on Training Classes

    One of the perks that we offer school districts that host a bus driver training class is the option to “hold” (or restrict) registrations to participants from the hosting district unless the district notifies us to open up any unused seats for other outside participants. Many school districts contact ESC Region 11 on a daily basis asking to enroll a driver in one of the restricted eight-hour or 20-hour bus safety classes. We politely inform them that seats in those classes are being held by the hosting district, and that we will let them know if any of those seats are released. Unfortunately, we are experiencing situations where a hosting district does not release the unfilled seats (or releases them too late), and we do not have a full roster of registered drivers for the session. If seats go unfilled, drivers across the region lose an opportunity to be certified/recertified. ESC Region 11 trains hundreds of drivers throughout the summer months, and we believe that every driver is valuable and should have an opportunity to attend and occupy a vacant seat.

    In order to address this concern while still honoring the priority status of our hosting districts, we are implementing a new “hold” policy. Beginning August 1, 2017, districts requesting a bus driving class (eight-hour recertification or twenty-hour certification) must release all unfilled seats at least ten (10) working days prior to the start date of the class or agree to pay the registration fees for all class seats (35).
    Districts requesting to host a class (password protect) that will not be filled by hosting district drivers have ten (10) working days to register drivers. At the end of the ten-day period, the password will be removed and outside districts and charters will be able to register drivers. It is the hosting district's responsibility to check the ESC Region 11 website to see when classes are posted. 
    *NOTE: Districts requesting to host a class guarantee a minimum of twenty (20) participants. If that minimum is not reached, the requesting district is responsible to pay for the remaining seats, regardless of removing a password. 
    Feel free to contact Andrea or Peggy with questions.
    Registration Fee Changes – Beginning September 1, 2018, the registration fee for an eight-hour recertification class will be $70 per person. The registration fee for a 20-hour certification class will be $130 per person. This $5 increase per class will allow us to cover our expenses and continue to provide you with quality trainers who will help prepare your drivers to operate your fleet.

    Thank you for your continued partnership with ESC Region 11. We look forward to great things in 2019-2020!
    Other potential fees: Walk-in $25 (driver not preregistered)          Make-up $30


  • Texas Department of Public Safety 

    • School Bus Driver Training - Register for Training
      • The twenty-hour certification course for new bus drivers provides state-mandated training. Drivers completing this course will be certified to operate school buses in Texas. The cost for this training is $130.00.
      • The eight-hour refresher course costs $70.00 per person and meets state requirements to maintain bus driver certification.
    • Customized training in student management issues for transportation staff
    • Customized training in the School Bus Watch anti-terrorism program for transportation staff
    • Customized training in the Operation Lifesaver program for all age groups. In an effort to reduce / eliminate train and light rail collisions with vehicles and pedestrians, these presentations increase awareness of the dangers on and around trains and railroad tracks
    • Technical assistance for transportation personnel with the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation Certification program.
    • Technical assistance for transportation directors, supervisors and trainers

  • Our Mission 

    Education Service Center Region 11 provides a variety of services to school transportation departments. ESC Region 11 establishes and maintains a database of school bus driver certification records, files reports, and assists school districts in maintaining strict compliance with the provisions described in all applicable statutes, rules, and requirements pertaining to the operation of the student transportation system. 

    The transportation of pupils to and from school is an integral part of a sound educational program. Competent school bus drivers are needed to provide safe and effective transportation for students. These training courses are designed to promote competency of school bus drivers throughout the state. School Bus Driver Safety Education Certification Training is a state-mandated program providing twenty (20) hours of certification training to all school bus drivers and an eight (8) hour re-certification training to drivers every three years.

    Training is provided for new and experienced bus drivers. Also, specialized training is provided to assist transportation staff in student behavior management and other related areas.

    For questions concerning our Bus Driver Drug and Alcohol Testing Cooperative, please feel free to contact Peggy DeMoss

  • Contacts:

    Specialist: Peggy DeMoss

    (817) 740-7529
    Program Assistant: Andrea Walker
    (817) 740-3631
    (817) 740-3601 fax