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    Region 11 Guidelines



    Education Service Center Region 11 is excited to offer a program called REATA Robots. This program will utilize VGo Robots, an innovative solution that allows students to attend classes via interactive video conferencing while recovering from a long-term illness, injury, or other factors requiring the student to be homebound or not able to be present in the classroom.

    From home or the hospital using a computer and mouse, the student is able to “drive” the robot to school assemblies as well as to each of their classes. In class, the student will be able to actively participate in lessons, discussions, and group work. This allows the student to develop strong teacher and peer relationships, stay socially connected, boost morale providing tangible health benefits, and receive quality instruction without falling behind on coursework.

    Reasons for use include, but are not limited to:

    • Homebound - illness, transplant, surgery, pregnancy
    • In-school suspension
    • Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs (DAEP)

    District Benefits

    Districts benefit from this service by reducing homebound teacher/tutor costs, receiving potential ADA income in some instances with the use of waivers, and ensuring homebound students receive a quality education. An added benefit is increased community support and recognition for providing innovative technology solutions for students. 
    Examples of Students Using VGo
    Region 11 schools REATA in action
    Please visit the VGo "Meet Students" page to see highlights of the successful implementation of this program.  
    This program will be administered through Region 11 Telecommunications Network (RETN). REATA robots will be loaned to districts on a case-by-case basis. Region 11 is beginning the program with a limited number of robots and will increase the number based on need in the region. Guidelines, District Requirements, and a Request for Consideration forms are located at the top of this page. There will be a rental fee for non-RETN member districts of $150 per 30 days. 



    Kandi McAninch