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    Inquiry-Based, Job-Embedded Professional Development 

    Texas Lesson Study (TXLS) is inquiry-based, job-embedded professional development where teachers work collaboratively to develop, teach, and assess research-based lessons. Teachers collaborate in teams to identify concepts students have difficulty understanding and then research to revise existing lesson plans for teaching that concept, teach the lesson, reflect and refine the lesson and reteach it. Teachers improve existing practices while engaging in continuous cycles of growth.

TXLS - ESC Region 11

Lesson Study Cycle

  • Texas Lesson Study Framework

    Lesson Study is a framework for collaborative instructional research and lesson design that can be implemented by any campus. The construct of the Lesson Study groups can vary based on the campus size and needs. The purpose of Lesson Study is to help teachers improve their effectiveness, share best practices with other teachers, improve student outcomes, and provide a platform to demonstrate mastery within the teaching profession.