• ESC R11  Mental Heatlh and Counseling LogoMental Health & School Counseling

    The mental health and counseling team at ESC Region 11 is dedicated to putting the counselors' needs first through a variety support offered directly to our local education agencies (LEAs). 

    From professional development to technical assistance, the ESC R11 mental health and counseling team provides requested services aimed at benefiting students both academically and socially. 

    We offer support tailored to school counselors covering topics such as best practices, legal requirements, and innovative approaches to counseling. Additionally, the team provides technical assistance to help counselors implement effective programs, address student needs, and ensure compliance with state regulations. Our requested services are aimed at helping students with initiatives related to mental health, college and career readiness, and psychosocial learning.

    Moreover, the team facilitates collaboration and networking among school counselors through regular meetings, workshops, and conferences, fostering an environment where counselors can share ideas, learn from each other, and stay updated on industry trends. 


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