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Join us for the 2023 - 2024 Principal Synergy Network and Assistant Principal Learning Collaborative offered by Next-Level Leadership!

  • Engage with a community of emerging and established principals dedicated to advancing as instructional leaders and optimizing their productivity. These sessions unite exceptional minds, foster collaboration, and build instructional leadership skills. Gain valuable resources designed to elevate the execution of successful campus practices. Register today to access the three key topics and a virtual collaboration session led by an ESC Region 11 Administrator Coach. 



    Principal Synergy Network is an ongoing professional learning group for campus administrators in support of their continued learning and development. ESC Region 11 sponsors this training as a cooperative to increase collaboration of ESC Region 11 districts/charter school leaders. 

    PSN seeks to meet the professional growth needs of a wide variety of local district administrators, focusing on identified high-leverage practices. Administrators will leave each PSN session with practical actions to perform the significant functions of school leadership effectively and efficiently. 

    General PSN Information

    What is the Principal Synergy Network (PSN)? 

    • Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

    ESC Region 11 Principal Synergy Network aims to support district and campus administrators by providing various relevant and practical expertise through speakers and workshops. PSN also seeks to build collective efficacy by providing opportunities for increased collaboration among administrators in ESC Region 11. 

    Learning will focus on the following leadership strands related to Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL), Effective Schools Frameworks (ESF), and T-PESS.  

    • School Wide Culture

    • Observation & Feedback

    • Data-Driven Instruction

    • Lesson Alignment

    • Formative Assessments

    • Instructional Coaching

    • Professional Learning Communities 

    • Social-Emotional Support

    Sessions aim to provide district and campus level administrators with research-based learning and strategies to increase student success. ESC Region 11 examines survey feedback, relevant data, and current educational trends to determine topics that resonate with the diverse educators across our region.

    We offer these sessions half-day and in-person to maximize the experts in the room. PSN also provides opportunities for virtual coaching to support the application of the learned strategies and techniques. 


    Who can sign up?

    Any campus or central office administrator.


    How many sessions can I attend?

    Plan to attend each session or attend as many as you would like!


    How much does PSN cost?

    For districts, charters, and private schools that have purchased the ESC Region 11 IS Package of Services: NO ADDITIONAL FEES!

    Districts, charters, and private schools that have NOT purchased the ESC Region 11 IS Package of Services will pay a registration fee. 



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