• Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) is a service provided by the Education Service Center to all school districts of Region 11. Districts that contract with the PEIMS Data Quality Services (PDQS) will be provided extensive assistance in addition to the basic services as follows:

Basic Services

  • Provided at no cost to the district

    • Designate ESC PEIMS contact person and alternate
    • Inform the districts of pertinent PEIMS documents
    • Provide deadline dates, a listing of the required records, a listing of the required data elements, and a listing of the required code tables
    • Forward change/update communications from TEA
    • Give technical assistance by referring district staff to the appropriate document
    • Communicate TEA submission and resubmission deadlines
    • Collect, and forward the Statement of Approval forms to TEA
    • Press the ACCEPT button upon receipt of the SOA

PEIMS Data Quality Services (PDQS)

  • Services provided to districts under contract to ESC Region 11 for PDQS

    Services listed above, plus the following:

    • ESC will assist the districts with its PEIMS data submission to TEA through TSDS.
    • ESC will provide training in all aspects of PEIMS data collection and submission.
    • ESC will present multiple training sessions concerning PEIMS finance, staff, and student reporting with an emphasis on new areas of concern.
    • ESC will supply telephone consultation and technical assistance throughout the PEIMS process as needed.
    • ESC will inform the district of crucial areas of scrutiny by TEA (e.g., PID, Underreported Leavers, Discipline, etc.).
    • ESC will review PEIMS TSDS data reports for consistency and possible errors.
    • ESC will inform the district of changes and updates in PEIMS as they occur.
    • ESC will provide consultation and technical assistance as needed to:
      • Answer questions concerning the Data Standards and the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook
      • Provide guidance through the TSDS process
      • Organize the data submission schedule and procedure
      • Interpret Fatal Errors, Warnings, and Special Warnings
      • Provide solutions in the PID correction process
      • Clarify various TSDS reports and emphasize their significance.
    • ESC will monitor district files throughout the process and will press the ACCEPT button, finalizing the submission/resubmission to TEA:
      • After reviewing selected TSDS reports (if problems are found, the district will be notified and allowed to make corrections, if necessary)
      • When the final approval sheet is received, signed by the Superintendent.


PEIMS Contacts

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