Payroll Services

  • School districts and charter schools spend too much time and effort writing payroll checks, keeping track of withholdings, deductions, and making bank deposits. The Business Center offers reliable, efficient, and cost-effective payroll services whereby we track and process your payroll and tax payments. This allows you to devote more time to running your school district.

    As a part of the payroll process, the Business Center performs the following payroll functions:
  • Employee Information Processing
    Data enter employee information into payroll system
    Maintain employee information in the payroll system
    Employee information reporting
    Payroll Processing
    Post payroll and employee leave transactions
    Run payroll calculations
    Print payroll Checks
    Prepare and submit electronic funds transfer file to bank
    Post payroll
    Payroll reporting
    Submit monthly payroll taxes through EFTPs
  • Deduction Processing
    Maintain employee deduction information
    Print employee and payroll deduction checks
    Deduction reporting

    Payroll Maintenance and Reporting
    Prepare and submit monthly TRS reports utilizing TRAQS
    Transfer TRS payment utilizing TexNet
    Prepare and submit quarterly WC and Unemployment reports through TASB Web site
    Prepare 941 reports and submit utilizing Telefile
    Perform and maintain all file backups
    Year End Processing
    Prepare and print W-2s at calendar year-end
    Establish and update next year payroll files
    Run August accruals