Building the Capacity of District and Campus Administrators at ESC Region 11

  • What is Texas Instructional Leadership?

    Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) is a suite of trainings intended to help district and campus administrators develop their instructional leadership skills. Educational Service Centers (ESCs) across Texas will offer training for instructional leaders on data-driven instruction, school culture, and action coaching for campuses and districts looking to increase overall student achievement and close educational gaps between students.

    Training packages will include a series of face-to-face workshops with rounds of on-site implementation support and one-on-one coaching between sessions. TIL-trained and certified ESC staff will deliver the face-to-face training and then walk alongside participants as they put practices into action on their campuses and in their districts. District and campus administrators will receive direct coaching from ESC staff on strengthening their implementation, executing new skills, and creating systems for sustainable change.

    Why Texas Leadership?

    Research has shown that strong schools are led by strong principals. 

    One way to help principals become stronger agents of change is by working with principal supervisors. In supporting and developing principals, principal supervisors can help increase principal effectiveness. TIL helps principal supervisors develop their skills, which in turn will help principals across the state. 

    What Does the Training Cover?

    • Data-Driven Instruction: Instruction trains administrators to break down the knowledge and skills required by Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills learning standards, analyze student work samples to hone in on what students need in order to demonstrate mastery, and support teachers in making and sticking to a plan to maximize limited instructional time. 
    • School Culture Routines: Helps administrators establish a mission and vision for their campus, create routines to support positive school culture, and create monitoring systems that ensure a supportive and consistent learning environment for all. 
    • Action Coaching: Guides administrators in developing strong systems and routines for regular observation of teachers and providing feedback on their campuses. It provides a strong framework for developing teachers' skills through regular feedback meetings and tools that enable consistent follow-through.  

    For more information, visit our state website.