Implementation FAQs

Implementation FAQs

  • What is the difference between the Comprehensive and Blended Models?

  • What implementation options can districts choose from?

  • Can districts or charter schools create mixed cohorts with both Blended and Comprehensive participants?

  • How long do participants have to complete Reading Academies?

  • Will districts and charter schools be able to monitor participant progress in Reading Academies?

Implementation Costs FAQs

  • What costs are associated with Reading Academies?

  • What funds can be used to pay for Reading Academies?

  • If my district chooses to use the local implementation option and pays the annual flat fee to Reading Academies 11, do we also have to pay a fee per participant?

  • I am planning on implementing locally. What does the flat implementation fee cover?

  • If a teacher from my district is enrolled in Reading Academies and then moves to a new district, who is responsible for paying? Does the teacher continue the content where he/she left off?