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    The Region 11 Consortium Job Board is an application pool shared by our member districts and charters. The system allows applicants to apply for all jobs within Region 11 using one application. Districts and charters must participate within the Region 11 consortium to have job postings listed.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE (May 22, 2024) - Region 11's Job Board will move to a new platform starting September 1, 2024. 

    Over the next few months, some job postings will be located within the current platform (PowerSchool) while others will be located within the new platform (SchoolSpring). During the transition, applicants will need to browse BOTH job boards in order to view ALL positions within the Region 11 consortium job board.

    Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our hiring process.

    View and apply for jobs:

    Please note, starting September 2024, all Region 11 consortium job postings will be on the SchoolSpring job board. Review important notice above for complete information.

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    EMPLOYERS (Login Here) - For technical assistance regarding the Hire Enterprise Applicant Tracking Application, please visit PowerSchool's PeopleAdmin Applicant Support Knowledge Base or contact support through the online form.

    APPLICANTS (Login Here) - For assistance with completing an application, withdrawing an application and other frequently asked questions, please visit the Applicants Help page. For assistance with position qualifications and hiring procedures, please contact the specific school district or charter school.

    Users may call 1-866-434-6276 or email support at support@talentedK12.com. Support hours are Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CST.

    For additional help, please contact a member of our HR team with any questions or concerns.