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    Bleeding Control Training

    The Texas Education Code (TEC), §38.030, as added by House Bill (HB) 496, 86th Texas Legislature, requires the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to approve training for the use of a bleeding control station in the event of an injury to another person. Stop the Bleed is an approved training.

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    The Interactive Course Is HERE!

    The STOP THE BLEED® Program is pleased to formally announce the addition of the Online Interactive Course! now offers students the option to fulfill the lecture portion requirement of the course by completing the STOP THE BLEED® Interactive Course. This course allows the students to go through animated videos, diagrams, and quizzes. The completion of this course will fulfill the didactic portion of the course and is a great tool to assist you in maximizing the number of trained individuals while minimizing the amount of time required to hold a full course. While this online course fulfills the lecture portion, it does not allow them to receive a certificate of completion until they complete the hands-on skills portion of the course. The interactive course will encourage participants to attend either a full STOP THE BLEED® Course, or to attend a Skills-Only STOP THE BLEED® Course to receive their certificate of completion. At the conclusion of the course, they will receive an automatic email with their final quiz results. Participants must show you this document to receive a certificate of completion after they have completed the skills-only portion of the course.

    As an instructor, you now can select this as a course type and instruct students to take this course prior to the skills-only portion that you will teach—similar to the Virtual - Lecture only option. The course location for this version will be the website, and please make sure to link your course listing to the interactive course page.

    As a reminder, participants must complete both the lecture/interactive course AND the skills component of the STOP THE BLEED® Course to be considered COMPLETE and to receive a certificate of completion. Please make sure this is reflected in the Instructor Portal when you add your courses.

    Course Administration

    We have outlined the following procedure on the website to individuals interested in taking the course:

    “The interactive course is a virtual alternative to the in-person lecture presentation. The STOP THE BLEED® Interactive Course guides individuals through the three methods of bleeding control using video demonstrations, interactive learning, and spontaneous quizzes. This STOP THE BLEED® Interactive Course is free to all students and can be taken multiple times to learn and refresh knowledge of the STOP THE BLEED® Course. Click on the screen below to begin the course!”

    We have received great feedback on the course, as we placed it on the website for a preview. We have also added a mobile-friendly version (with a better layout and graphics for mobile users). Both versions offer the required quiz at the end of the presentation.

    ACS thanks the Santa Barbara Student Life Savers for the development and design of the STOP THE BLEED® Interactive Course.


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NOTE: Title IV funds cannot be used to purchase bleeding control kits

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