Title III, Part A Funding

Title III, Part A English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act

ESSA-Every Student Succeeds Act

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  • ESSA Compliance Report Resources for TIII, Part A ELA/Immigrant
  • Look up TIII, Part A Entitlements
  • ESSA State Plan Title III, Part A

Title III, Part A Federal Funding Guidance

  • TIII, Part FAQ
  • TIII/BEA Allowable vs Non-Allowable Use of Funds
  • ESC Region 11 Federal Programs Padlet

Title III, Part A Required Activities & Resources

  • TEA TIII Engagement Site
  • Title III, Part A Required Activities
  • TIII Early Childhood for English Learners (ESC Region 11 Padlet)
  • TIII Enhancing Instructional Opportunities for Immigrant Students (ESC Region 11 Padlet)
  • TIII Parent, Family, Community Engagement (ESC Region 11 Padlet)