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  • Welcome to the Region 11 English Learner Support Professional Learning page.  Here you will find information on session offerings.  In addition, you can always contact us about a customized session or instructional coaching for your district/charter or campus.

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Region 11 Professional Learning

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    I'm ESL Certified, Now What?

    Passing your ESL Certification is just the first step in preparing to work with English Learners. Participants will examine the complexities involved with teaching students from different cultures and linguistic backgrounds. A brief overview of how an English Learner is identified, along with what to expect and teacher behaviors, will be included.  Participants will have multiple opportunities to apply and practice new skills and knowledge as a learner.

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    ESL Specialist 101

    This blended course provides *NEW* ESL specialists insight into the role and how to support both students and teachers. The face-to-face session will be followed with (4) webinar sessions.  This course is designed for new ESL specialists who have instructional contact with ESL students in an inclusion or small-group setting and assist with LPAC documentation. Participants will receive support in small-group ESL instruction, compliance, instructional coaching, and leadership development.

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    Help, I Have a Newcomer

    The session will focus on strategies that both teachers and beginner/intermediate English learners need to survive in a classroom when language is a barrier. Participants will experience activities that can be implemented into the classroom that will benefit all learners. Resources and ideas will be shared to enhance a teachers' "toolkit" when working with English learners. The target audience is teachers new to teaching newcomer English learners.
    Participants will leave with strategies and activities to meet both the language and academic needs of beginner and intermediate English Learners.
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    Moving Toward Proficiency: Advanced/Advanced-High English Learners

    This session's focus will be on the characteristics of advanced and advanced-high English learners. Participants will gain tips and strategies to boost achievement in the classroom for English Learners who have gained proficiency at or near that of a native English speaker. Resources and ideas will be shared on how to enhance instruction and classroom environment. Participants will leave with tips and strategies to boost achievement with advanced and advanced-high English learners.

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    Digital Tools to Transform Teaching & Learning of English Learners

    Participants will walk away with digital tools and instructional resources that'll transform their approach to teaching English Learners.  Time will be provided to explore the suggested websites and digital platforms. Participants will leave with a variety of digital resources to enhance instruction and support the development of English Learners.

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    Refugees, Asylees, and Unaccompanied Minors: Understanding your Newcomer


    Participants will gain a basic understanding of the refugee/asylee process, including what happens to unaccompanied minors. The information gained will aid teachers, administrators, and support staff to effectively meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of the newcomer. In addition, participants will reflect on how the unique needs and cultural differences of the students affect the classroom.

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    Engaging ALL Students in a Language-Rich Classroom 


    Participants will learn how to promote language development by creating a language-rich classroom. Specific activities and strategies that target academic language will be experienced and practiced by participants. Participants will experience and practice strategies to empower students to engage in literacy.

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    Read, Write, Speak for English Learners

    Looking for ideas to promote reading, writing, and speaking in your classroom with your English learners? In this session, participants will experience and practice activities for incorporating opportunities to read, write, and speak in the classroom. Ideas and resources will be shared to add to your "toolkit."

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    Teaching English Learners with Little to No Formal Schooling

    Participants will gain tips and strategies for teaching students who have had little to no schooling. The information gained will aid teachers and support staff to effectively meet the social and emotional needs of a newcomer and refugee/asylee/unaccompanied minor. In addition, participants will reflect on how the unique needs and cultural differences of the students affect the classroom. 

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    Reading Workshop and English Learners: Putting it all Together

    Learning strategies to support English Language Learners in reading workshop is at the core of this session. Participants will walk away with an understanding of the components of language acquisition in relation to reading.

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    SLAR TEKS-What is the Difference?

    By attending this session, participants will have an opportunity to identify the language-specific differences in the revised ELAR and SLAR TEKS.

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