Data Reporting Compliance

  • Current-Year Manuals

    PEIMS Data Standards

    Identified LEAs are expected to (a) validate and document their data are correct and address any identified potential program implementation concerns found during the process, or (b) improve local data collection and submission procedures if the LEA’s identification occurred because of incorrect data. The DRCU will make compliance review forms available to LEAs through the ISAM application. ISAM is only accessible to authorized users. 

    Each form has two sections:

    1.  Background and Purpose

    • Outlines DRCU’s charge;
    • Reviews PBM, LRDV, and particular indicator information; and
    • Defines DRCU's overall expectations for compliance reviews.

    2.  Required Steps

    • Designate a Data Reporting Compliance (DRC) contact in ISAM.
    • Perform a Student-Level Data Review.*
    • Respond to the Needs Assessment Survey (varies from three to six prompts).
    • Submit Required Documentation.
    • Develop a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), ONLY IF REQUESTED.
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