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    Identification and Recruitment (ID & R) 

    Federal law requires the state to identify and recruit every eligible migrant student residing in Texas. The Texas Education Agency assured the U.S. Department of Education that migrant students would be actively recruited year-round in every district in the state.

    While all districts that receive migrant funds are required to do their own identification and recruitment, the education service centers are responsible for assisting all non-migrant funded districts with the identification and recruitment of migrant children.

    How Can the Education Service Center Region 11 Help in Identification and Recruitment? 

    • Provide Family Survey to be placed in the students' enrollment packet. 

    • Provide Spanish posters and English posters to be placed at each campus and in the community. Please call 817-740-7598 if you’d like posters delivered to you. 

    • Provide identification and recruitment training for recruiters, school secretaries, and other Region 11 personnel. 

    • Please email all Occupational Surveys to migrant@esc11.net, fax to 817-740-7684, or call 817-740-7598 to have someone pick them up.

    Are migrant students eligible for free breakfast and lunch? 

    National School Lunch Program Factsheet (click to view)


    How do I contact Education Service Center Region 11's Recruiters?


    Michelle Perez


    (817)740-7684 fax


    Analy Guerra


    (817)740-7684 fax