Banner for Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics by Peter Liljedahl
  • Join us for an inspiring series that marks the beginning of a transformative journey into the book, "Building Thinking Classrooms" by Peter Liljedahl. This series serves as an introduction to the book, providing you with invaluable insights into cultivating an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

    This series will include an administrator overview and four individual sessions for teachers. 

    Administrator Session Details:

    This session, centered around Peter Liljedahl's years of research and book "Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics," will explore how to create a thinking classroom that promotes deep learning in K-12 math education. Participants will learn about the fourteen optimal teaching practices for enhancing learning and creating ideal conditions for learner-centered, student-owned deep mathematical thinking and learning. Administrators will receive valuable "look-fors" for classroom observations when teachers are utilizing this framework and strategies for supporting classroom teachers through implementation. Come learn how using the framework provided by this research can transform your classrooms.

    Teacher Session Details: 

    Day 1 

    During this session, we will explore Toolkit 1, which sets the foundation for creating a thinking classroom culture. By incorporating the toolkit's principles and strategies into your teaching practice, you can create a classroom environment that nurtures curiosity, problem-solving, and collaboration among students.

    Day 2  

    Where the first session is all about student behavior in a thinking classroom, the second session in the series is all about teaching practice. This session focused on Toolkit 2, and will require you to make some fundamental changes to the ways in which you do things that are part of the very fabric of teaching. You will have to think about when, where, and how you deliver instruction. 

    Day 3 

    Once the practices in the second toolkit have been implemented, you are ready to start creating flow in your classroom, and here is where you will begin to truly reap the benefits of building a thinking classroom. The implementation of Toolkit 3 will allow you to effectively manage the flow in your classroom, and allow students to take meaningful notes about their learning. 

    Day 4 

    This final session is focused on assessment in the thinking classroom. The assessment practices are where we see some of the biggest changes in student behavior and student performance. Once you have built the thinking classroom through to this level of implementation of Toolkit 4, you are ready to start assessing in the thinking classroom.

    Don't miss this yearlong opportunity to embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionize your classroom practices, engage students in deep mathematical thinking, and empower your students as lifelong learners. Register now to secure your spot in this exciting series!

    If you have questions, please email Becky Ramirez or Kelsie Johnson Lumadue.