• DMAC Solutions offers a suite of web-based tools developed at the Region 7 Education Service Center. The applications provided by DMAC exist to supply Texas educators with the tools and services necessary to develop and improve the quality of education provided to students.


    What can you do with DMAC?

    Educators can utilize our software for:

    • Data disaggregation
    • Local Assessments
    • Student Achievement/Progress Monitoring
    • Curriculum Maps
    • Planning
    • And much more
    DMAC offers the following applications. Each component is priced separately allowing school districts to select what they need each year. Click on the solution name in the left column for more information. 
    State Assessment 
    • Disaggregate STAAR, TAKS, and TELPAS student data
    • Create district, campus, teacher, and individual student reports from state data
    • Generate heat maps to identify areas of concern and create tutorial groups for differentiated instruction
    • Identify specific sub-populations to customize state data into reports and information for planning and diagnostic purposes
    • Create customized local assessments using released STAAR items and items reviewed and approved by content specialists
    • Quickly identify items 
    • Insert locally developed test items and graphics
    • Print crisp, clear graphics and test items 

    • Print answer documents on plain paper or precode OMR forms which allow instant access to reports once scanned or uploaded into DMAC
    • Scan and score benchmark assessments online
    • Create district, campus and individual student reports or tutorial groups to monitor student progress
    • Generate custom online forms (e.g., discipline forms, surveys, RtI forms, etc.)
    • Collect and report on data within DMAC
    • Attach forms to individual students in Student Portfolio, RtI, PGP, CAP or SSI 
    • Create custom walkthrough forms for PDAS
    • Include approval paths for forms, if desired
    • Consistent forms and documentation throughout the district
    • Utilizes the tiered model of intervention in developing plans
    • Interventions and Progress Monitoring included in all plans
    • Documentation from other sources is easily uploaded in a .pdf format or you can attach online forms from FormWorks
    • Allows for flexibility in plan design based upon district requirements

    • Teachers submit self-reports and view evaluations
    • Conduct walkthroughs on mobile devices
    • Create state-approved forms
    • Easy submission to regional service center
    • Priced per campus

    • Generate concise historical student data for individual student files
    • Easily accessible by multiple users
    • Incorporates SSI required forms
    • Additional documentation uploads available
    • Automatically utilizes current state and demographic data to
      populate fields

    PGP Intervention
    • Customize plans for district
    • Ability to mass assign features to groups of students
    • Automatically utilizes current state data and local benchmarks (TEKScore)
    • Generate concise historical student data for individual student files

    • Accessible by multiple users
    • Incorporate NCLB requirements
    • Upload additional documentation to customize plans
    • Monitor plan status

    • Maintain TPRI/Tejas LEE student records in an electronic form
    • Generate all reports for students, parents, campuses, and districts
    • Easy data export to facilitate compliance with SB 1871
    PGP (HS)
    • Customize courses
    • Meets requirements of HB5
    • Choose Endorsements and Programs of Study
    • Monitor needed credits
    • Choose graduation plans 

    CIA Alignment
    • Build, maintain, update, and print curriculum maps complete with a reinforcement and assessment schedule
    • Ability to copy one map to another section or campus
    • Input multiple student expectations into a single map
    • View historical performance/mastery on student expectations 

    • Create and organize LPAC documentation for individual students and committee meetings
    • Make the process of completing and organizing forms related to the LPAC framework much easier.

    Student Portfolio
    • FREE! Access all your student data/plans in one location within
      the DMAC software
    • Information travels with the student K-12