FAQs - Speech-Language Pathology Master's Degree

  • How long does it take to get your master’s degree through the distance venue program?
    If you are in field (you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology or Communication Disorders) it takes 24 months. If you are out of field (your bachelor’s degree is a field other than Speech-Language Pathology or Communication Disorders), you must take seven courses before applying (more details will be given in the information meeting for out-of-field candidates).
    How do the classes work in the distance venue?
    Classes are taught via videoconference on Tuesday afternoons at ESC Region 11 and through a webinar format on Thursday afternoons. The hours are 4:30-7:30 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. Summer class hours are longer.
    Do I have to attend an informational meeting to apply to the distance venue?
    Yes, if you plan to apply to the program, the meeting is mandatory, and you must stay for the entire meeting. Your attendance is tracked and cross-referenced with your application.
    What are practicum hours?
    While seeking your Master’s in Speech Pathology there are two main learning components: academic coursework and practicum (therapy with individuals). You will learn more about this at the information meeting.
    How do I get my practicum hours?
    In the distance venue program you are required to obtain a sponsorship from a school district. Your full acceptance to the program is provisional based on having this sponsorship from a school district (detailed information will be discussed in the information meetings).
    What about application deadlines?
    These will be announced in the information meetings.
    Is the degree a Master of Science or a Master of Arts?
    It is a Master of Science degree. It is a very rigorous program with coursework that requires many hours of study outside of class time.