ESC Region 11's Back to the Future 2024 Child Nutrition Summer Conference

2024 Summer Conference


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    1. How do I know which track to register for?

    Look for classes labeled Child Nutrition Summer Conference 2024.

    2. When does registration start?

    Registration is open now and continues through April 30th. Click here to register.

    3. Can one person register everyone from our district?

    Unfortunately, the ESC 11 registration system requires that each person register with an email (and password) unique to them, whether a home or work email. Because of that, it is usually time-consuming for one person to enter them all. Just ensure that everyone has the appropriate purchase order or method of payment. 

    4. It looks like each registrant can attend just one session per day. Is this true?

    Yes. Because of TDA's restructuring of training this year, all class offerings and lengths are dictated by them. Regretfully, time and space constraints will not allow us to offer these sessions on multiple days.

    5. What happens if I've made a mistake in my registration?

    We ask everyone to please review and update any contact information when registering to ensure all notifications and communication from ESC Region 11 are received. Should a change be needed, please contact Central Registration at  (817) 740-3659 or by email at  Child Nutrition staff can not make changes to registrations.

    6. Should I register all my staff for the same session?

    It might be a good idea to spread your team throughout the various offerings, especially if multiple staff are attending from the same campus. This decision is, however, completely up to the Director's discretion.

    7. The cost was $20 last year but $25 this year. Why?

    Inflation. The cost of feeding everyone has risen, just like when you feed your family.

    8. Are any classes offered in Spanish?

    We would like to offer them, but no. Since we are limited by the instructors available through our ESCs, there is only a small pool of Spanish speakers who would be able to teach for us. Also, no training materials developed by TDA are available in Spanish. We know they are needed and hope to be able to provide them next year. You may want to check with nearby ESCs (9, 10, 12 & 14) to see what sessions they are offering.

    9. Is there a "virtual" option available?

    The in-person training is the only available option this year.

    10. How can I find out more about each class?

    Download the 2024 CN Conference Course Offerings brochure here.

    11. Can FSMC employees attend?

    Lena Wilson, TDA Assistant Commission on Food and Nutrition, provides the following guidance:

    Summer workshops are a valuable tool for continuing education for district staff operating child nutrition programs. There are no restrictions on attendance for district-employed staff. Each district will be permitted to take one food service management company (FSMC) employee, who may attend these sessions if accompanied by the district staff person responsible for contract management and oversight. FSMC attendees must pay a participation fee to attend and may not charge the cost to the nonprofit school lunch program or use federal nutrition funds for the expense.

Conference Schedule

June 4-6

PRE-CONFERENCE ~ June 21, 2021
  • This product was funded by USDA/TDA. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.