Instructor Training Center Information

  • ESC Region 11 Instructor Training Center provides initial instructor training and ongoing professional development (PD). Each academy may choose any Instructor Training Center to meet their needs based upon availability, curriculum, cost, etc. Academies are not required to associate with only one ITC.

    ESC Region 11’s Instructor Training Center (ITC) provides initial training and follows up with 12 months of technical support. Our center also provides ongoing Professional Development (PD) through a variety of methods.

    Why choose ESC Region 11 Instructor Training Center?

    • ESC Region 11 has provided instructor training since 1999 and has a long history with the Cisco Networking Academy program.
    • Our instructor trainers have diverse skills, and many years of experience teaching academy students and instructors.
    • Email, phone, collaboration tools such as ZOOM and/or WebEx for virtual meetings, record sessions, and instant messenger are some of the tools that are used to communicate with instructor trainees.
    • Flexible training is available year-round to assist teachers in being ready and prepared to begin teaching IT Essentials, CCNA: R&S, DevNet, CCNP, and Network Security curricula. Flex-entry and flex-exit are honored, with the expectation of instructors completing a course within 3 months.
    • In-person training classes for new instructors are offered multiple times a year by local instructors.
    • Other training options include remote online training, blended online/in-person training, and Fast Track training for qualified candidates.
    • Instructors who complete training at ESC Region 11’s ITC will receive one year of instructor support, following the training.


    Training Fees (as of October 2020)

     Curriculum  Fee
    IT Essentials $550
    IT Essentials Fast Track $300
    CCNA R&S Courses:        
        Intro to Networks $550
        SRWE $550
        ENSA $550
    CCNA Fast Track  $300 
    CyberOps Associate $550
    DevNet Associate $550
    CCNP courses (per class) $1000
    Network Security $550
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