Academy Support Center Information

  • The role of ESC Region 11 Academy Support Center (ASC) is to promote the quality and success of its member Cisco Academies. Our goal is to create an Academy Community where ideas and best practices can be shared and excellence is expected. The success of your students and the Academy are our priority.

    ESC Region 11 will be offering a remote support option to any Cisco Academy. This support will include, but is not limited to the following:

    • Telephone, e-mail, text messaging, instant message chat, and other forms of assistance.
    • Collaboration tools, troubleshooting assistance for instructors and/or students.
    • An in-person meeting is conducted once a year, usually in October for any Academy Instructor in our ASC area. This would be available to our support academies if they so desire to travel to Fort Worth, Texas. The meeting is captured on video and available to those academies that we would be supporting.
    • Assist high schools and colleges with articulation planning if needed.
    • Advice on new purchases, lab equipment, lab setup, etc.
    • Ongoing certification preparation helps for students and instructors – both A+, CCT-RSTECH, and CCNA, as well as other certifications that map to the Cisco Academy portfolio of courses.
    • Leadership in Community groups and other discussion venues are available on the Cisco Network website.
    • Working with state education personnel to assist in cross-walking Cisco courses to the individual state curriculum frameworks, if appropriate.
    • Refresher training using Zoom, WebEx, or other collaboration software. 
    • Other additional virtual training sessions related to best practices and professional development.  
    We are always looking for ways to better serve the Cisco Academies. Therefore, the types of support mentioned in this presentation will change as new technologies become available.

    The cost of this remote support option is $650 per year, per campus for established Cisco Academies.

    First-year academies

    First-year academies will be charged $2000.00. This includes on-boarding the academy and training for 3 courses in CCNA (Intro to Networking (ITN), Switching, Routing, Wireless Essentials (SRWE), and Enterprise Networking, Security, Automation (ENSA) or IT Essentials, to be used in any combination - 1 instructor or several. The training can be used within 2 years - it does not have to be taken the first year. After the first year, the $650 remote support fee would apply.
    Region 11 ASC/ITC