Having Issues Logging into Canvas?

      Step 1

      • First, ensure that you are registered for the course in the registration system. You should have received an email confirmation. You may also verify your registration by logging in to the registration system. Once you are logged in, hover over My Profile, then select My Registrations. If the session is not listed, the registration process was not completed. Register for the course, ensuring that you complete the registration process.

      Step 2

      • Once you have verified that you are registered for the session, ensure two (2) hours have lapsed after registering — our registration system syncs with the Canvas learning management system every two (2) hours.

      Step 3

      • If you verified registration and waited two (2) hours, contact our helpdesk at elearning.help@esc11.net. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.