• What to Expect in Our December Virtual Big Top 

    The STEAM Carnival is a rush of learning and fun, all packed into a 2 1/2 field trip that will leave your students wanting more. So, what does that mean for your students?

    Gameshows, Team Challenges, Small Group Hands-On Challenges,  and more!

    We are currently working with several of our partners from previous events, along with even more guests from all over the world!

    Students will have:

    • Individual challenges/competitions against other students from across the state/nation
    • Team activities designed to help your class work together to solve the puzzles, trivia, and challenges
    • Famous guests, celebrities, and talents (varies by session)
    • Opportunities to win tickets to the 2024 Onsite STEAM Carnival in March
    • A chance to be part of the LIVE event intro video with your classmates!

    The event will consist of a 2 1/2 hour interactive event.