• What to Expect in Our December Virtual Big Top 

    The STEAM Carnival is a rush of learning and fun, all packed into a 2 1/2 field trip that will leave your students wanting more. So, what does that mean for your students?

    Gameshows, Virtual Escape Challenges, Student Showcases, and more!

    We are currently working with several of our partners from previous events, along with even more guests from all over the world...and maybe even out of this world!

    Students will have:

    • Individual challenges/competitions against other students from across the state
    • Team challenges designed to help your class work together to solve the puzzles
    • Famous guests, celebrities, and talents
    • Opportunities to win tickets to the 2022 Onsite STEAM Carnival
    • A chance to be part of the intro video with your classmates!

    The event will consist of a 2 1/2 hour interactive event.