• What to Expect

    The STEAM Carnival is a rush of learning and fun, all packed into a 3-hour field trip that will leave your students wanting more.  From the moment that they walk through the front doors, they are met with things to build, drive, move, discover, create, and learn from.  A typical carnival experience looks something like this.

    Arrival vs. Start Time

    This is a HUGE piece of information that you will want to understand before securing tickets and making your trip to the STEAM Carnival.  Each group will have a suggested "Arrival Time" as well as a set "Start Time."  When you get to the event, you will notice that it is broken into four zones.  Two zones are timed to keep the flow moving. These are The Midway and The Warehouse.

    The "Start Time" refers to the time that you will enter into The Midway (zone 2), where you will have 45 minutes to enjoy before moving to The Warehouse (zone 3) for another 45 minutes. These are the ONLY timed areas.

    The reason you have a suggested "Arrival Time" is that your students will want to learn from other students and their projects in The Student Showcase (zone 1) prior to your "Start Time." Due to the unknown traffic patterns, buses running late, or little Johnny forgetting his lunch, we do not have a specific time for Zone 1.  Whether you are early, late, or somewhere in between, your arrival time can be fluid, even though we suggest arriving 15-20 minutes prior to the set "Start Time."

    When you arrive…

    A local entertainer will meet you on your bus before deboarding. Here, you will get some vital information as well as all of the check-in process out of the way, so there is NO standing in lines. Once you get your instructions, there will be a great photo opportunity under the large STEAM Carnival banner in front of our building (before you make your way into the building).

    Upon entering the building, you will be immediately inside The Student Showcase area, with roughly 25-30 different groups set up to show you what they have brought.  Things such as drones, robots, solar cars, catapults, and more have graced our halls over the past six years.  Your time within this area will be completely based on your "Start Time" and when you arrive.  Some schools will have 15 minutes, while others may have a full hour.

    The Midway

    When it is your set "Start Time," your group will congregate towards the front area near the ESC Region 11 registration desk. Typically, a funny dressed entertainer with a loud bell will be making a racket to get the attendees' attention. Students will take a few directions that will be key to maximizing their experience and then make their way to The Midway.

    Here, they will get an opportunity to venture through two large areas where 20+ partners have set up various attractions for hands-on learning. Previous events have seen indoor planetariums, multi-player games, robot wars, flying challenges, coding, an eSports arena, and virtual reality. Who knows what we have in store for you this year?

    The Warehouse

    After 45 minutes in The Midway, students will move into zone 3, known as The Warehouse.  This large area is very popular as students build and launch rockets, compete in a large building challenge, play games, walk tight ropes, and much more.  There may even be a chance to fly a fighter jet in a full-scale flight simulator.

    The Final Act

    The Final Act is found inside the gated area of the parking lot towards the Air Force base.  Planes fly over as the students wrap up their STEAM Carnival adventure with dinosaurs, helicopters, archery, and maybe even a little fishing.  You truly never know what might show up at the Carnival!

    This zone is not timed as some schools will need to hurry out to get back to campus, while others may enjoy lunch outside to complete their experience.