Ticket Information

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    In 2020, over 2,700 tickets were sold in the first 8 minutes, so please make sure that you are ready to go with the following information to ensure your spot at the event.  This year we have consolidated two time slots each day, so tickets will be even more limited.

    How does it work?

    Tickets are reserved via Eventbrite by clicking on this image above. Reservations are made in a first-come, first-serve fashion. The most popular times are obviously in the middle of the day to help with travel to and from the districts. For schools closer to the event, it is advised to choose an earlier or later start time if possible to allow for more districts to participate with longer drive times.

    After reservations for tickets begin coming in, the STEAM Team will start sending confirmation emails with additional information about the event.  These emails are sent in groups so some may get confirmation within 24 hours, while others could be 2-3 days.  If you have received confirmation from Eventbrite, please know that your reservation is in our system.

    What about costs and payment?

    Ticket pricing is set at $3 per student attendee. Teachers and administrators can attend at no charge as long as they have their district ID badge. Chaperones for the schools also attend at no charge with badge identification from the school.

    With the demand for tickets so high and the total amount available not able to meet that demand, we do ask that a purchase order (PO) be completed and emailed prior to the event. Payment is NOT required prior to the event as long as a valid PO has been submitted. Invoicing will take place during the week following the event.

    Anonymous and volunteer donors have paid for specific classroom trips on behalf of the schools in teh past. If you would like to pay for a classroom or want to find more information about this, please contact Rory Peacock at rpeacock@esc11.net.