What's the difference between a page and an assignment?

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A PAGE is just a place to post content that students will passively consume such as posting written information, video lessons and embedding Google Drive items such as slides or docs.  A page is very useful and allows you to give students a completely embedded learning experience by allowing you to embed items such as Quizlet, Padlet, Vocaroo and other tools on the pages.

On the other hand, an ASSIGNMENT can function like a page as well allowing you to put in written instructions, video teaching and instructions as well other all of the same things mentioned above.  The difference is that with an assignment, students will have the ability to TURN IN something to you.  This assignment that students turn in can be in many forms such as a web link, a Google Drive item, written text or an uploaded file.  The teacher also has the ability to use the SpeedGrader to grade all of the student submissions.