Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment - CLNA


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    NO CLNA SUBMITTED TO TEA SPRING OF 2021. (Bi-annual submission)

    EXCEPTION: If you did not submit in 2020 and want to apply for Perkins for 2021-2022, you must complete during the off year.  Perkins Applications require an approved CLNA for the application to open. 

    Recording of the CLNA Zoom training on April 8th.

    Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment Training PowerPoint

    Sample answers to CLNA questions for your reference.

    February 25, 2020, Worksession PowerPoint

    Link to a sample google document to gather stakeholder input for CLNA.  **You MUST make a copy if you want to edit or distribute it for local use. 

    Do NOT share this document for feedback, only share your personal saved copy.

    Texas CLNA Guide Book

    Ryan Merrit Presentation at CTAT - CLNA

    Region 11 SSA members questionnaire, must provide information for the shared portions of CLNA submission completed by the ESC.

    CLNA released on February 7, 2020.

    Contacts for Workforce solutions   

    Here is the state baseline data.

    Labor Market Data:

     TX Workforce Boards

    ***You must successfully submit a CLNA by May 1st in order to be eligible to apply for Perkins funds for 2020-2021.****