ESC Region 11 Facility

About the Vendor Fair

  • The ESC Region 11 Technology Vendor Fair is an all-day event that plays host to over 300 participants from around the region and state. In past years, we have had up to 92 different vendor partners showcase their products and services through both booth and session formats. Door prizes are given away to participants and lots of contacts are made.

    The event itself takes place at the ESC Region 11 main building located off of Cherry Lane in White Settlement. A former Sam's Club recently renovated, the space is optimal with large meeting rooms, spacious walkways, and all the amenities you would find at a large conference center. The biggest difference between the two is our attention to the personal aspect, as we truly value our partnerships and sponsors.

    Throughout the day, participants are invited to attend the sessions of their choice which will be posted and found using our online app delivered by Sched.org. The sessions are laid out in 9 different rooms across 5 time slots each for a total of 45 sessions. Each session will feature one of our sponsors and their products or services. Some will be product demonstrations while others lend themselves to best practices in general for a given topic. Participants will be able to create their customized schedule for the day and choose which sessions will most benefit them and their organization.

    Lunch is always provided for all participants and vendors at no additional charge thanks to our sponsors. In addition to lunch, there is no charge for participants to attend the event.