7/29/20 LAS Battery Need-to-Knows: Texas Tuesday Distribution List and Upcoming Training

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Dear Bilingual/ESL/Title III Program Leaders,

ESCs received an email from DRC with information about Texas Tuesday emails and upcoming training. Please see below.

LEAs asking to have personnel added to the Texas Tuesday distribution list:

  • Distribution list is pulled from the INSIGHT portal where DRC pulls all Users (District, School, TA and IT). 
  • If an LEA has a change of point of contact (POC), fill out the form at this link to be added as a User. 
  • The POC (typically the Bilingual/ESL director) or other District Level Users, needs to add the new Users by following the steps found at this link. 
  • Additional information, including video guidance regarding adding Users, may be found in the LAS Links Online Digital Library (available for download at www.laslinks.com/Texas).

 Upcoming Training:

  • DRC will weave remote testing into the ESC Region 11 training on August 10th (as well as Reclassification information).
  • DRC will also have (at least) two statewide webinars dedicated to remote test administration and two webinars dedicated to technology needed for remote testing.
  • Dates for the additional webinars, as well as robust guidance documents and checklists for remote testing, will be provided in next week’s Texas Tuesday newsletter, and will be posted to their website.

Texas DRC Contact:

Nina Trigger

National English Learner (EL) Business Solutions Manager

Data Recognition Corporation (DRC)