• The SET is a research tool designed to assess and evaluate the critical features of School-Wide PBIS (SWPBIS). It should be used in conjunction with other surveys and measures to create a complete picture of your school’s PBIS implementation status. Information gathered during the SET can be used to:
    1. Assess features in place
    2. Determine annual goals
    3. Evaluate on-going efforts
    4. Design and revise procedures
    5. Compare year to year efforts
    A trained SET evaluator will come to your school to conduct the survey. It takes about two hours to complete. The evaluator will interview the administrator on a set of 21 questions. The answers from the administrator interview are used to inform questions the evaluator asks at least 10 staff and at least 15 students about PBIS practices in their building. Finally, the SET evaluator receives a school tour and reviews all available PBIS materials. A school’s SET score is determined by compiling all of the information from the administrator, staff and student interviews, building observations and material review.
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