Project-Based Learning

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    Project-Based Learning (PBL) is all about learning by doing, and that is exactly what you will experience in the ESC Region 11 PBL Academy.

    • We welcome you to join our ESC11 Project-Based Learning (PBL) Academy where you will be immersed in a PBL experience while learning the structure and components of PBL.
    • During the three-day academy, you will design your own high-quality Project-Based Learning experience to be implemented in a PreK-12 classroom (or professional learning setting).  
    • When fully constructed and implemented, your PBL learning experience will empower students and/or teachers to master standards while applying real-world skills.
    • During the fall semester, the fourth day of face-to-face training is included to support your PBL implementation and refine your PBL lesson design and facilitation.  
    • An online community and on-site coaching session will be offered to provide the support you need to implement your plan.
    • Participants must attend each day to receive credit; partial credit will not be awarded.

    What our participants have to say about the ESC Region 11 PBL Academy:

    "This was the BEST training I've received in my 7 years of teaching. The instructors were outstanding, the materials were laid out in an interesting, engaging, and useful manner, and the projects we worked on reflected what we will be doing when we create our own projects. Excellent 2 days of training!"
    "I truly enjoyed every second of this training. It was the most worthwhile presentation of PBL and has given me immense confidence in implanting PBL this year. I cannot say enough good things about this training. It definitely lived up to every one of my expectations!"
    "This was a wonderful workshop. I left each day feeling very mentally exhausted, but I believe I have this process down where I can quickly and easily develop a PBL for my classes."


     For more information, please contact Shelly Shaw or call 817-740-7560

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