ESC Region 11 Listservs

  • Listserv use is provided by ESC Region 11 to facilitate professional sharing of expertise and timely information with district and campus staff. ESC Region 11 listservs are made available for the sole use of public, private, and charter school educators for professional purposes. ESC Region 11 reserves the right to unsubscribe any subscriber.

    Some ESC Region 11 listservs are open only to approved subscribers. Many of the listservs provided are unmoderated, meaning that messages are broadcasted to all current list subscribers with no editorial review of messages before they are sent. ESC Region 11 does not verify the accuracy of submitted messages nor do they endorse the opinions expressed by message authors. Message authors are solely responsible for the content of their messages.

    Subscribers are expected to:

    • word messages thoughtfully, courteously, and professionally
    • sign all postings with name and email address
    • address the topic intended for discussion on the listserv
    • abide by copyright and confidentiality requirements
    • not use these lists to promote, or that involve, commercial transactions
    • not use these lists for political, religious, or other personal agendas