Region 11 Drug and Alcohol Testing Cooperative

  • School districts that join the ESC Region 11 Drug and Alcohol Testing Cooperative benefit from a host of services, which include Department of Transportation (DOT) random drug and alcohol testing for school bus drivers, discounted costs on services, certification training for supervisors, monthly billing by ESC Region 11, non-DOT testing, and many other services to help districts consolidate expenses and comply with DOT regulations.
    Forward Edge, Inc. provides all testing services.

    DOT Services Provided

    • 50% of all drivers tested annually for drugs
    • 10% of all drivers tested annually for alcohol
    • DOT physicals
    • Legal representation
    • Audit preparation

    Non-DOT Services Available

    • Student athletic physicals
    • Student drug testing
    • Many more free and discounted services available
    Member Districts
    Currently over 30 Region 10 and Region 11 school districts maintain a Master Interlocal Agreement with the Region 11 Drug and Alcohol Testing Cooperative. Members of the Region 11 Drug and Alcohol Testing Cooperative will realize savings on DOT required services, optional non-DOT services, and supervisor training workshops. For more information regarding the Master Interlocal Agreement, DOT or non-DOT services, or the member districts, click the links below.
    Title 49 Transportation- 2014 Code of Federal Regulations - Title 49, Volume 5
    Random Testing - 49CFR§382.305
    Training for Supervisors  - 49CFR§382.603
    What Do Employees Need To Know About DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing - U.S. Department of Transportation (English)
    To join the cooperative for the upcoming year, please visit our Available Contracted Services page, then join the Master Interlocal Agreement (MIA), and Drug and Alcohol Testing Contract.
    Peggy DeMoss, Educational Consultant
    (817) 740-7529